Hey, my name is Raphaël and I love making content

Web Developer

I started playing around with HTML and CSS when I was a kid. Once I learned that all this could be manipulated using JS and backend programming I was hooked.

Professionally, I have had the chance to work on several different projects using different technologies, always related to the web.

Extending my knowledge to others, I have taught courses on HTML5/CSS3, javascript, Angular and Angular 2 using TypeScript.

Check out some of my open-source contributions on Github

UX Designer

When you create something digital it's easy to get lost in the code and functionalities. Most software comes with a manual, but what if you didn't need one?

I believe if a piece of software is well thought out and designed with the user's wishes in mind you can skip the manual and just use it straight out of the box. This isn't always an easy task and can only be achieved with the right mindset and approach.

Check out some of the stuff I've worked on over at Behance

Videographer / Photographer

I started out making movies in the backyard with my friends. Creating lasting images is something that has inspired me and still does to this day.

Since 2015 I have been taking pictures and making videos for BoardX that have been used in brochures or on social media. In the winter season of 19/20 I had the opportunity to be part of the Media and Marketing team for Neige Aventure / On The Mountain



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